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Silicone rubber heater

Silicone rubber heaters are also known as silicone rubber heating, silicone rubber heating plate, silicone rubber heating board, silicone rubber heating film, silicone rubber heating tape and so on. You can get customized non-standard explosion-proof silicone heating plate, silicone aluminum plate heating plate, automobile battery heating plate, etc.

Silicone rubber heaters can contain either an etched foil element or a wire wound element. Silicone rubber heaters can be bonded to a heat sink with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), RTV or factory vulcanized to a heat sink. We recommend vulcanization as it requires no adhesive and the bond has the temperature capability of the silicone rubber itself. 

● Tested for dielectric strength
● Components UL recognized
● Voltage can be designed in 3V-380V for certain applications
● Self-limiting elements can be designed for certain applications
● Various shapes can be designed for certain applications
● Various temperature controls available
● Easily bonded and/or mechanically mounted to heat sink
● Available with either etched foil or wire elements



Silicone rubber



Operating temperature (max.)


Operating temperature (min.)


Watt densities (max.)




Dielectric strength



12000mm*1000mm(max.) / 20mm*20mm(min.)


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