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Enclosure radiation type small heater


● Pressure clamp connectors
● Wide voltage range
● Energy saving
● Clip fixing
● Quick installation
● Clip for 35mm DIN rail, EN 60715.

BEEHE cabinet/enclosure radiation type small heater prevents formation of condensation and frost, provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in the enclosure.


Model Heating capacity Inrush current max Length Weight (approx.)
BRH02.15 15W 1.5A 65mm 0.3kg
BRH02.30 30W 3.0A 65mm 0.3kg
BRH02.45 45W 3.5A 65mm 0.3kg
BRH02.60 60W 2.5A 140mm 0.4kg
BRH02.75 75W 4.0A 140mm 0.5kg
BRH02.100 100W 4.5A 140mm 0.5kg


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